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About Us


Nadra UK is a trusted website for applying for Card Online. We’re providing our services to avoid the hassle of the embassy. The Company is recognized and Entrusted with its compliance. We help customers to apply for Overseas Card without any hassle from the embassy.


We provide you with a variety of ways to enjoy its reliable services:

  • If you have misplaced or forgotten your Card and need to renew your Card, you may do so by utilising our reliable services.
  • We also offer door-to-door delivery of Card and other documents to your home.

Overseas Card save your precious time:

People are sometimes unaware that their Card has expired until they are in urgent need of it and they are no longer able to enjoy the many benefits that they could or were receiving. As a result, we provide online services to save you time and money while also delivering your identity cards to the UK in the shortest period possible.

Overseas’s Delivery Information:

The delivery and processing times for the Nadra UK are depending on the application category you select. The Card is delivered in approximately 31 days after the case officer approves it in the normal category. After submission, the delivery period for fast categories is generally 23 working days urgent Card gets delivered to your door 7-10 business days after submission.

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