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Terms and Conditions

Terms or conditions

  • We can provide advice on card processing and delivery timeframes based on the (MRP) or Head Office, but we are not liable if they take a longer process. The time shown on their website is the least amount of time required to process the application but it might take a little longer.
  • Processing time applies after the fingerprint has been submitted
  • Basic supporting papers must be submitted as specified by the Head Office. In some situations, though, further paperwork is necessary. It will be the client’s responsibility to give them.
  • We are not liable for the application’s delay or rejection. If your application is delayed, it will take longer to complete than your selected service.In this case, there is no compensation or refund. This is a Pakistani service operating from Pakistan. It does not compare to British service.
  • Head Office checks your and your family’s record in its database. , they may request additional papers for verification checks based on that
  • We are not responsible for any travel arrangements made before obtaining your card.
  • If you are needed to attend an interview at the high commission office, you must do so.
  • We just prepare applications here; all cards are created in Pakistan and approved and dispatch is down to them not us. We can just make an application asap and submit it for you and give you proof of submission
  • If your fingerprints are refused three times, you will be summoned to the Embassy with your passport to provide fingerprints. The Embassy charges a service fee.
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